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Time to update: Microsoft soon enforcing users to install la ...31 Aug 200915713
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Windows Live Events shutting down in 201003 Aug 20098186
Microsoft files civil lawsuit to stop SPIM offenders in Mess ...03 Aug 20096799
Messenger Plus! 2009 contest: 357 winners so far02 Aug 20096879
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Windows Live Team cuts access to certain countries24 May 20091962
MessengerDiscovery 2 Released!16 May 20096571
Phunk'n 2: The popular skin, reinvented13 May 20093789
Customize your personal message effectively with WLNameEdito ...12 May 20098416
Webcam messaging now available in eBuddy10 May 200910563
Interview with Messenger developer, Inky30 Apr 20091797