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New Yahoo! Messenger for Vista beta refresh12 Jul 20084760
Beware Messenger spoofing emails!11 Jul 20083416
Messenger Plus! Live celebrates 50 million users10 Jul 20082698
Continuum: An unique Messenger gadget for Windows04 Jul 200821599
Google Talk now available for the iPhone03 Jul 20083211
Skin review: Wii Messenger02 Jul 20082582
[How To] Install Messenger on 64-bit Windows Server 2008 and ...02 Jul 200815280
Was first Messenger 9 beta public dogfood?29 Jun 2008234732
Microsoft Messenger for Mac 7.0.1 released28 Jun 20082872
Skin review: Messenger Plus! Live25 Jun 20084500
Is social networking a threat to instant messaging?14 Jun 20083791
New eBuddy Mobile Messenger beta05 Jun 200812102
WLM 9 beta testing about to close ... until the next one04 Jun 20084131
Messenger and Contacts are the key to 31 May 20084665
Get Facebook updates within Messenger29 May 200813523
Windows Live Messenger resources for web developers27 May 200816547
Useful Messenger application: IMBooster17 May 20082873
Facebook strikes back!15 May 20084710
Microsoft: don't blame us for YouTube block on Messenger12 May 20085519
Zune 2.5 + WLM (finally) = now playing integration11 May 20086210
The nail in the coffin: Messenger blocks links to YouTube10 May 20087838
Open Live: A must have skinning resource06 May 20083193
New version of Yahoo! Messenger for Vista Beta01 May 20088520
MessengerDiscovery Live 1.4 out now29 Apr 20084991
Messenger for Mac 7 released29 Apr 20085436
Web2Messenger is still alive, but development is slow (invit ...26 Apr 20082268
Nile's Animation Plug to keep the news feed active and enter ...24 Apr 20081712
5 million Messenger users showing patriotism to China20 Apr 20081663
Too far now: Messenger blocks links to ebuddy.com12 Apr 200812441
Were we breaking the law? Our downtime explained ...05 Apr 20085195
April Fools: Skinning offically coming to Windows Live Messe ...01 Apr 20083298
Zero-G Updated to 2.0.128 Mar 20082629
I AM IRON MAAAAAAAAN! Der-ner-ner-ner-ner....27 Mar 20084981
From one Vista to another, oh boy a shameless plug!26 Mar 20082102
Windows Aero Messenger released, and Zero-G 2.0.026 Mar 200825215
Introducing: Digsby23 Mar 20084299
MSN ads are hilariously awful22 Mar 20082146
Released: Messenger Plus! 4.6020 Mar 20082972
Live Spaces loses 15 percent of its visitors in the past yea ...15 Mar 20082863
Patchou: 'Never look at Messenger the same way again'15 Mar 20082968
The Windows Live Messenger developer blog13 Mar 20081961
Updates to Windows Live sites coming soon?06 Mar 20082550
Whoops, looks like someone tripped over an important wire26 Feb 20084881
Be aware: Messenger Plus! scams25 Feb 200813138
Messenger second most popular service in UK22 Feb 20082025
Messenger can be educational too!?21 Feb 20082212
Is 'MSN' Messenger still trying to live?19 Feb 20082294
Introducing Messenger bot Poynt16 Feb 20089937
FBI warn about Valentine's Day virus14 Feb 20083599
Valentines Day emoticons10 Feb 20085190