MSN have received a slap on the wrist today and a load of bad publicity as apparently they have been 'censoring' certain messages from being sent to your contacts. Wait, it is not what it seems, just some bad media attention exaggerating again, which has been made it out like a scandal has been revealed.

We already knew for over a year now about messages containing the .pif extension in them were blocked out for security reasons, but nevertheless Microsoft have been criticized for the move.

Other phases to prevent viruses have been blocked out like download.php and staff.php. We already reported this ages ago so it is no scandal what so ever, the move was totally justified in my view. Yet companies like AOL are loving the moment, claiming that they never have and never will censor messages, making them sound better, which is a poor way for a company to operate.

If you hear any more news on this subject, it is media hype. The change was for the better and the terminology they use in their posts makes it sound really bad. As I said earlier companies like AOL show how the instant messaging world is a rocky competing place. This could effect the integration between Yahoo! and Microsoft as they have to compete to be the best.

Source: ComputerActive

Tags:   Censorship  Blocking  Security    

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