Shame on you Windows X's Shrine

Posted by absorbation on Fri 26 Jan 2007 (20:32 GMT) (4374 views)
Yes you know why. That post has had more than a little publicity, and today your prediction was proved wrong. I hinted the release date was wrong all along, but I wish people wouldn't believe the hype. I was viewing websites that swore that this information was correct, they believed your entire post.

You can tell a reliable source a mile off, first you gave no indication of where you heard this rumour, other than from an insider, which was my main concern. However you didn't even spell the product name correctly, or give a very detailed post. Oh well, you want the hits, and you did it cleverly. Your reputation may be bruised for a small amount of time, but you fooled many people, and it's their own fault for believing it, and that's why I take my hat off to you.

That being said I would never risk making up news for hits, although I have been fooled in the past. So here is my big congratulations to Windows X's Shrine, for pulling it off, although I believe that making up information is wrong.

I wonder who will be next to make up a release date

Edit: This is not targeting Windows X's Shrine, it's simply making people aware that release dates for Windows Live Messenger are often made up, and Microsoft don't tend to leak such information.

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Comment by .Lou
Posted on Sat 27 Jan 2007 (10:21 GMT)
Naturally, the world will break loose into an all-out free for all rampage, because Windows Live Messenger release dates were spoofed

Comment by David Politis
Posted on Sat 27 Jan 2007 (06:27 GMT)
he he, nows theres gonna be a war.

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