April Fools: MSN Messenger back from the dead?

Posted by the andyman on Mon 01 Apr 2007 (18:08 GMT) (3884 views)
Update: This was just an April Fools joke, I don't think Microsoft would go and do that.

There has been a lot of news about since the Windows Live brand was revealed about how weak it has been. There has been constant confusion and even reports of getting rid of Windows Live. Several Windows Live products have changed their names - most notably Windows Live Mail changing to Windows Live Hotmail because of the strength of the existing MSN Hotmail name - and several products have changed their branding back to MSN - such as Soapbox, Shopping and Wifi.

Now we've been told by a Microsoft employee, who wants to remain unidentifiable as just William G, that tomorrow Microsoft will release an official press release detailing the plans to change Windows Live Messenger back to MSN Messenger.

This is not a big surprise to many who know that the uptake in users of Windows Live Messenger has been low, many opting to keep their old versions of MSN Messenger as it is what they have always used. Also many users still refer to Messenger as 'MSN' and not having that in the name of the product has just caused even more confusion. These are presumably the main reasons why Microsoft has taken this decision.

But now with the main Windows Live product gone could we see a complete collapse of the brand? Quite possibly, and if so then a major blow to Microsoft.

We'll post more on this tomorrow when the press release is out.

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Comment by Salem
Posted on Mon 02 Apr 2007 (13:50 GMT)
Well posted theandyman

Comment by the andyman
Posted on Mon 02 Apr 2007 (10:29 GMT)
Yes it was an April Fools day joke , but I tried to make it slightly believable by making it seem like an ordinary news post with plenty of evidence, and I played on the weaknesses of the Windows Live brand which, as you can see, makes it seem quite believable and shows just how bad the 'Windows Live situation' is.

Comment by Christina Lynn
Posted on Mon 02 Apr 2007 (05:53 GMT)
Is this a april fools joke? cuz if it is then its one good of a joke

Comment by Salem
Posted on Sun 01 Apr 2007 (20:36 GMT)
Part of me thinks this is just a april folls day prank, while another part of me thinks this may be possible.

Only time will tell.


Comment by jerone
Posted on Sun 01 Apr 2007 (17:32 GMT)
april fools

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