Messenger sounds of the past

Posted by absorbation on Sun 19 Aug 2007 (21:04 GMT) (62866 views)
I was giving the downloads database a much needed tidy up the other day, adding new skins, editing screenshots and fixing broken links. I had to install MSN Messenger again to take some screenshots and to be honest I started using for the day. I missed a lot of the old tweaks it had.

Most of all I realised I preferred the old MSN Messenger sounds. The Windows Live Messenger ones sound softer, but they just don't have the same feel to them. I decided to take these sounds and use them in Windows Live Messenger myself. So I thought I would share the sounds with you.

To install them simply unzip the zipped folder and paste the files into your Messenger directory. Then within Messenger go to Options > Tools and select the 'Alerts and Sounds' tab. There you can navigate to the new sound files to use with Windows Live Messenger. Enjoy!

Download the old MSN Messenger sound files

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Comment by Len
Posted on Sun 01 Nov 2009 (20:23 GMT)
I had to say how elated I am to be able to finally go back to the old MSN sounds. As was stated the new ones are too soft. Nothing beats the old ones.
Thanks again.

Comment by Cheryl Macomber
Posted on Sat 12 Sep 2009 (22:56 GMT)
I read your post of how to get old Messenger sounds back (I have version 9) and being as computer-challenged as I am, I don't understand what I have to do after I unzip the sounds. What does Messenger directory mean? I don't know where to paste the sounds. I can't hear the new sounds and want them gone! Thanks!

Comment by Melissa
Posted on Sat 25 Apr 2009 (03:55 GMT)
YEA!! Thanks so much! I hate the new sounds and have felt lost without the old ones!

Comment by Sharon
Posted on Sun 16 Sep 2007 (17:47 GMT)
Hooray!!! Thank you. I hate the added timpani in the MSN 8.1 'contactonline' sound. Thanks for the old ones.

Comment by Aaron
Posted on Mon 27 Aug 2007 (10:03 GMT)
Excellent i feel the very same way about the old sounds.

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