Windows Live Messenger 9.0

Posted by RebelSean on Sun 04 Nov 2007 (07:44 GMT) (27289 views)
There has been a lot of activity around the Messenger world in the past week regarding Windows Live Messenger 9.0. Internal builds are ready and are indeed being passed around to the internal beta team. Included in this alpha version of WLM 9.0, are new API components. We've been told that there is a new UI that millions of users requested when Windows Live Messenger 8.0 was released worldwide.

This new API includes some very neat Vista sidebar gadgets, such as a contact and their status. Clicking on the docked contact would allow you to open a chat, drag text, drag-and-drop files, images, and music automatically. A Messenger Lite version with no more than 600 lines of code but includes many features that Windows Live Messenger 8.0 has.

A release date has not been announced, but thanks to Paul we've been told that Windows Live Messenger 9.0 should reach managed beta phase by early December to late December.

Check back for updates and more exclusive information!

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Comment by Hank Katts
Posted on Wed 03 Dec 2008 (04:55 GMT)
WLM 9 will release Feb. 28, 2009.

Comment by Hameed
Posted on Fri 25 Apr 2008 (02:09 GMT)
from where I should install the windows live messenger

Comment by Emzy x
Posted on Fri 15 Feb 2008 (15:25 GMT)
I cant find wlm 9.0 anywhere

Comment by lucia
Posted on Tue 15 Jan 2008 (19:58 GMT)
voglio messanger 9.0 .... subito!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Mayed
Posted on Thu 29 Nov 2007 (12:25 GMT)
I downloaded it,,, It's look and more features in 9,,

Waiting for Messenger Plus! Live

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