A closer look into Messenger Plus! skinning

Posted by absorbation on Thu 22 Nov 2007 (20:16 GMT) (38209 views)
Last week we revealed the big new feature coming to Messenger Plus! Live: skinning! It appears some things are unclear so I just want to go into the specific details of skinning and some of the things Plus! does to enchant it.

Skins are edited within XML files

No more resource hacking or other odd methods. You can create simple skins with just a few lines of code. This works well and allows even the most novice of skinners to create good skins. You can replace everything including text strings, images, uifiles and even the Messenger Plus! design itself.

Shaping Windows

One thing that has never been possible is changing the shape of Messenger's windows. Messenger Plus! Live now allows you to manipulate windows thus opening a wider range of possibilities within Messenger's set in stone design.

Skin Options

Skinners can now set options within skins. Directly implementable in uifiles, you change just about change any aspect of Messenger with a touch of a button. I've been creating a soft patch using this method which you can view in the screenshot below:

Skins may be compatible with several versions of Messenger

Depending on how a skin is designed, it may work across many versions of Windows Live Messenger thus meaning it is not tied to a specific build (like it currently is).

No Limitations

Whatever was possible in skinning in MSN Messenger is still possible. RLE files are back to PNGs and extra features such as shaping windows and advanced options really make skinning the best it has ever been.

The learning curve is also very low. Some of the stuff above may looks daunting, but it isn't. Skinning is not complicated and just about anyone can create an advanced skin, never mind a basic one. Yes you can create your own Messenger skin within minutes!

Download the current release of Messenger Plus! Live

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Comment by maria
Posted on Fri 01 Feb 2008 (20:38 GMT)

Comment by Yanni
Posted on Sun 27 Jan 2008 (20:23 GMT)
its not workinn

Comment by cotton candy
Posted on Sun 20 Jan 2008 (13:29 GMT)
waw it's very nice

Comment by SpeedyGuitarMan
Posted on Thu 29 Nov 2007 (09:29 GMT)
It's coming out December sometime
Take a look at the Messenger Plus! Live website for more:

Comment by winner
Posted on Tue 27 Nov 2007 (16:05 GMT)
is there a way in the skinner to activate the aero style in windows vista in the whole messenger to look like media player 11 in windows vista

Comment by Matti
Posted on Fri 23 Nov 2007 (16:59 GMT)
Oh damn... that is awesome! I just can't wait!

Maybe MessPatch/APatch will release a Plus! skin version of their patches maybe?

Comment by Andy
Posted on Fri 23 Nov 2007 (06:17 GMT)
When is this new Plus coming out???

Comment by NanaFreak
Posted on Thu 22 Nov 2007 (21:19 GMT)
Woot! I so cant wait!

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