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Posted by absorbation on Sat 05 Jan 2008 (14:29 GMT) (70867 views)
I have been putting this post off for a while now. My excuses are exams and the fact this post probably needed time to get a good list together. I am a bit of a Messenger skins fanatic and I have been chatting all about Messenger Plus! Live 4.50 in recent weeks, which revealed a big new feature: a Messenger skins manager.

The skins I have chosen are ones I have found to be well designed, unique and most of all ones with attention to detail i.e. completed fully, polished. Yes, this means no Vista skins!


This Messenger skins has been around a while, and its creator was able to get his hands on an early build of Messenger Plus! Live 4.50 so he could get this skin out by release. Its clean design, with unique ideas is complimented by the various colour themes available. To date it has had nearly 200,000 downloads and is probably the best skin available for Messenger Plus! Live.
Download EvO

Beaver and Steve

Honestly Nile, this skin is rather ugly; its bright colours and the cartoonish look are not desirable, but it is these things that make it unique, charming if you will. More importantly it uses shapes therefore making it the first skin released to manipulate Messenger's windows. Nile has put a lot of effort into this skin and there are lots of customizable options meaning you can remove things from Messenger until you are happy. I'm actually surprised he didn't try and plug it himself ...
Download Beaver and Steve


This skin is very stylish and well made. Looking over all the little details you can see a lot of effort has been put into making this skin. This skin is compatible with Windows Live Messenger 8.5 and 9.0, so what are you waiting for? Add SkyLines to your skin library.
Download SkyLines


A dark skin is the best way to describe this. Its simple, but I like simple and I think this is just the start for its creator. The skin is customised for green, red, blue and black colour themes.
Download Nightfall


Similar to Nightfall this skin uses soft gradients well. It has its flaws, but overall it is a good skin.
Download RoyaLive!


This skin is all about basics. It shows that all you need to do is take your time and perfect the images you want to skin. The colours in Office07 compliment Messenger well, but more importantly its creator designed this website, so I'm forced to think it looks great.
Download Office07

Nao Messenger

This skin users colours well in my opinion. The theme of green and blue suits Messenger when used in this way. It adds fun to Messenger, but at the same time good enough to use everyday. It may not be perfect, but Nao Messenger is better than most.
Nao Messenger

I hope you liked my list. If you have a skin of your own and want to share it send it our way. Remember these are just a selection of the skins available, view the entire database for more. If your skin is not on the list, there is a chance I missed it, but more probable is I didn't like it.

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Comment by aNILEator
Posted on Mon 07 Jan 2008 (11:17 GMT)
ABS!!!!! what the hell happened to the rest of my comment?br /
br /
Note By Chris: Seems to have been a slight bug, report it to the internal bug tracker.

Comment by aNILEator
Posted on Mon 07 Jan 2008 (11:16 GMT)
Beaver and Steve is based on the beaver and steve webcomic website, you'll either like it or not tbh It is fully colourizable though which people seem to forget It looks good in pink and some others too I think

Well I didn't feel like pluging it, it's

Comment by Nuno Peralta
Posted on Sat 05 Jan 2008 (17:09 GMT)
Don't you like the Windows Beach Messenger?

That you can find here -

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