Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 public beta released

Posted by absorbation on Wed 17 Sep 2008 (12:54 GMT) (78827 views)
Despite the recent news on a new private beta of Windows Live Messenger ready to ship out to testers, Microsoft have released a beta of the Wave 3 generation of Windows Live products, including Windows Live Messenger 9. The update includes several updates, as we have already discussed. Below is a list of some notable changes:
  • Cleaner icons and softer sounds have replaced the current ones
  • The toolbar menu has been removed, and the email button enlarged and placed to the right
  • Contacts now have new hover effects
  • Display picture containers change colour depending on your and your contacts' status
  • A new feature called "What's new" gives updates on alternating contacts at the bottom of your contact list
  • A "Change your Scene" feature allows you to change the header background image in the contact list
  • There is a layout option within the options menu
  • The statuses "Out to lunch", "In a call" and "Be right back" have been removed
  • A chat history button has been added to conversations

The update is still incompatible with Messenger Plus! Live, however Patchou has told users: "I'll start working on it today but I can't say yet if I'll release something publicly before the final version is released by Microsoft or not (all of that depends on when they'll actually release a final)."

Personally, this version is the improvement I have wanted for years. A cleaner design, that doesn't really need patching, and highly customisable features, along with a more polished feel, is what Messenger should be. The new sounds and icons seem refreshed and as if they have been created by someone with a good eye for program design. Wave 3 gets the big thumbs up from Messenger Stuff.

Download the new beta version (in your own language)
Get the new beta via Windows Live Installer (Direct link, English version)
View our gallery containing screenshots of the new Windows Live Messenger Wave 3 beta
View more coverage over at LiveSide
View the announcement at the MessengerSays blog

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Comment by matt
Posted on Thu 12 Feb 2009 (21:49 GMT)
I like the fact that the display pictures have swapped sides. But I dont like how everything we say ends up being bullet pointed whats worse is theres no way to get rid of this. if anyone knows of how i can get rid of this let me know.

Comment by Blair
Posted on Thu 18 Sep 2008 (01:34 GMT)
Please update your blog with the official location to get the beta:

That will let people pick which language they use as well as tell them about all the other great stuff they can get with their Messenger.

Comment by Matti
Posted on Wed 17 Sep 2008 (15:14 GMT)
Look, this is a release of Messenger to get excited about. The screenshots look great, they'll look fantastic on my Vista and it looks much less bloated this way.

I think I'll get this one on my machine when Plus! Live adds support for this new version. I can see some trouble here: e.g. the removal of "Out to lunch", "In a call" and "Be right back" might cause some problems with Plus!' features and those will need to be changed, but hopefully Patchou can work that out.

This Wave 3 stuff is going in the right direction! Can't wait to see the final result.

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