Exclusive: Windows Live Messenger 9 RC build 1202 released

Posted by RebelSean on Mon 15 Dec 2008 (18:46 GMT) (85583 views)
It's official guys, Windows Live Messenger 9 RC build 1202 has been released, along with the entire Windows Live Essentials release candidates. The change-log has not been officially released, however here's what we've observed after installing the Messenger release candidate:

  1. The games activity has been redesigned (Screenshot)
  2. New feature: Save your shared photos
  3. New e-mail icon in contact list(Screenshot)
  4. Blocked contacts now more noticeable
  5. 20+ new animated display pictures and status display pictures
  6. New Messenger scenes (Screenshot)
  7. Status text contact name in contact list has been removed
  8. Signature sounds have been removed. It must be due to the belief that some annoying sounds could be created and the service abused. But it appears as if you can assign your own contacts signature sounds that play locally
  9. New feature: Your contact's latest feed is now shown in the conversation window (Screenshot)
  10. Redesigned sign-in layout
  11. Fixed the highly publicised custom emoticon bug
  12. New layout options (Screenshot)
    • Sort your categories alphabetically or by status
    • Show your offline contacts in your categories instead of a separate "Offline" category, or show them in a separate category if you want
    • Show your offline SMS contacts in their own category
  13. Redesigned toasts with transparency effects (Screenshot)
  14. New Messenger buddy icon
  15. Redesigned conversation window (minor tweaks from previous Wave 3 build) (Screenshot)
  16. Windows 7 Jumplists updated (Screenshot, thanks to Tom Warren)
  17. Plus many other UI changes that make this build sexy!

Compatibility note: The current version of Messenger Plus! Live does not seem to be fully compatible with this new build. We will update you with more information regarding Plus! when it's available, however most of your loved features still work (tabbed chatting, chat logging, etc).

Download Windows Live Essentials Beta (includes Windows Live Messenger)
Download the direct .exe (full) installer that will allow you to choose what to install
View additional screenshots
Download the individual Messenger installer, please note that you do need a few other components installed for messenger to run properly!
Spot a new feature or change? Comment this post or drop me an e-mail, RebelSean at live dot com.

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Comment by Wlm
Posted on Mon 22 Dec 2008 (13:56 GMT)
Anyone else noticed, that in this 9 RC taskbar ain't blinking? Or is something just wrong with my computer?

Comment by windows messenger 2009
Posted on Fri 19 Dec 2008 (18:28 GMT)
I think you must install the new windows live messenger 2009 , I think it's the best choice

see you later...

Comment by Chris (MsgStuff)
Posted on Tue 16 Dec 2008 (13:58 GMT)
Its an a great build, look how clean you can make the contact list:


Comment by Yossy
Posted on Tue 16 Dec 2008 (13:44 GMT)
For all you XP 64bit users...


Comment by C42MX
Posted on Tue 16 Dec 2008 (08:39 GMT)
hi demgel

I had the same problem that you install the .msi file and I was leaving the error 80004002. I go to regedit and remove all entries of Windows Live (Windows Live Installer, Live Messenger, Live Contacts etc).

I Download Windows Live Essentials Beta and install Windows Live Messenger and the problem was solved

hope I helped

Comment by Demgel
Posted on Tue 16 Dec 2008 (05:18 GMT)
"Please note that you do need a few other components installed for messenger to run properly!"

That would be??

I just installed your standalone msi, can't login, can't uninstall... can't do anything Getting 80004002 error code. WinXP SP3 up to date. Previously had wlm last beta (wave 3) installed.

Comment by MaddestMax
Posted on Tue 16 Dec 2008 (05:03 GMT)
I still have to input my email and pass to access my email from the "Open your e-mail inbox" button. Is there a work around for this, or am I just noobish?

Comment by Mike
Posted on Mon 15 Dec 2008 (21:17 GMT)
There is a red line displayed in a blocked contact's DP now.

Comment by Ross
Posted on Mon 15 Dec 2008 (20:51 GMT)
I think Messenger has been truly shaped into what it has needed for years in just a few months. This release candidate shows the significant steps the Messenger team have taken since the first Windows Live label was added onto Microsoft's instant messaging client.

Comment by Jenny
Posted on Mon 15 Dec 2008 (20:23 GMT)
It's actually officially called Version 2009 and is technically version 14, not 9, remember

Not trying to insult yo RebelSean, just thought i'd let you know


Comment by Sean
Posted on Mon 15 Dec 2008 (20:11 GMT)
It's not fully functional and there's a lot that doesn't work so I think it's safe to say that it's not compatible .

Comment by Christina
Posted on Mon 15 Dec 2008 (20:06 GMT)
Your Welcome and i found on JCXP that it says Messenger plus does work with this build but not all features are usable. Just so you know that.

Comment by Sean
Posted on Mon 15 Dec 2008 (19:36 GMT)
Thanks Christina, fixed .

Comment by Christina
Posted on Mon 15 Dec 2008 (19:32 GMT)
You Mean Windows Live Messenger 9 RC build 1202 not Windows Live Messenger 8 RC build 1202 cuz this is Windows Live Messenger 9

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