Windows Live Messenger 2009 has gone final (apparently)

Posted by absorbation on Fri 09 Jan 2009 (15:03 GMT) (8240 views)
The latest release candidate of Windows Live Messenger 2009 (Wave 3 generation) has now become the official first release of the next Messenger milestone. The official announcement came at Steve Ballmer's annual CES conference this week. There are no new builds or changes to the application, so essentially, if you are using the latest RC build of Windows Live Messenger, you now using the final release (the best auto-update I have seen).

Some notes on the update
  1. Skinning is now possible again. Willz has posted he has started work again thanks to a new breakthrough in reserve engineering the skinning engine. The significant worry was patches and skins would no longer we able to work with the update.
  2. A Messenger Plus! Live update is in development, and its skinning engine is still supported. In fact Patchou has to be given credit for restoring skins again. No word on when an update will be coming, all we know is you won't be waiting too much longer now that Windows Live Messenger 2009 is final.

So, after a long development period Windows Live Messenger 9 has finally been released. The update has added a definite polish to the program and it generally feels a less buggy, more robust product. Moreover it came a month before anticipated. The only question now is, what's next for Messenger?

Download Windows Live Messenger 2009

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Comment by Squall Leonhart
Posted on Sat 10 Jan 2009 (10:18 GMT)
Yeah, and its not fricking read for release either.

What the hell is the point of all that ugly white space? which used to allow the background to sit under it? what idiot thought it was best to limit it to the text area.?

the milestone leak and beta were better in that regard, the final release is a retarded release, and its getting typical, from the retards now on the live teams, that don't take any input from testers onboard at all.

Comment by Benjamin
Posted on Fri 09 Jan 2009 (21:49 GMT)
i have the WL version 9. is there a msgplus download for it?
if so, can someone give me a link..
thanks in advance.

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