First complex skin for Messenger 2009: Ev0 Cuatro (Ev0 4) (Update)

Posted by mynetx on Sun 08 Feb 2009 (14:49 GMT) (11734 views)
The awesomeness in person, star designer Will Ingles, is back with his newest creation: Ev0 Cuatro (Ev0 4) has been released for Messenger 2009 only!

This skin features an amazing integration of 64 different color schemes, the typical Ev0 emoticons, and an alternate buddy set along with an easy-to-use options panel visualizing what settings you are applying (and making the skin translation easier). Also, your scene is blended right into the contact list.

The only thing I am worrying a bit about are the rather big icons in the upper contact list toolbar, and some flickers when using tabbed chats, but I might be picky and it might be Messenger's DirectUI engine...

Update 10 Feb 2009: Will has reacted on the feedback and released a minor update (Ev0 4.0.1), adding an option to switch to smaller toolbar icons for the contact list...

  • Added hide add contact button
  • Added hide contact options button
  • Ability to switch to 16px icons for the top toolbar in the contact list
  • Fixed most bugs regarding animation and cut offs
  • Hide infobar works properly in the contact list
  • Wordwheel should no longer show cursor when hidden
  • If wordwheel is hidden then the menu button is moved to the top of the window with the rest of the buttons
  • Added Turkish translation of Options panel - thanks Raplex

Maybe some of you remember the “old” Ev0, a binary Messenger skin and a rather big hit when released for Messenger 8.0. Ev0 had been out for a few months, but it came out just before Windows Live Messenger 8.1, and the skin was only compatible with 8.0. This affected its popularity. I have seen many people using Ev0 back then, especially when Will recreated it as a Messenger Plus! skin.

Then Microsoft brought out Messenger 2009 and for quite a while it seemed that'd be the end for complex Messenger skinning. Will proves once again that customization brings Messenger to life.

Will says:

I believe that we met for a reason. God was like you see that guy over there? he's pretty cool. But its your job to make him awesome.

PS: If you are interested in the source of this quote, feel free to browse the download section of Willz's site Design Evolved.

Download Ev0 Cuatro for Messenger 2009 (1.3 MB)
Visit Will's site Design Evolved

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