Customize your personal message effectively with WLNameEditor

Posted by absorbation on Tue 12 May 2009 (19:24 GMT) (9468 views)
Messenger Plus! Live allows the use of BBCode as well as hexadecimal colors to be used within your Messenger name and personal message allowing other contact's with the add-on installed to view you in a unique and fun way. The variety of options that you have can be a daunting process, particularly if you don't understand the basic syntax of BBCode. WLNameEditor makes this process simple with an easy to use interface.

The script gives you an array of options including adding emoticons, bizarre text and of course colors and standard text decorations. Generally, if you like to "pimp your Messenger" this is a script you should be interested in. I mean who doesn't love a bright pink PSM to stand out from the crowd?

Download WLNameEditor script for Messenger Plus! Live

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