MessengerDiscovery 2 Released!

Posted by warmth on Sat 16 May 2009 (15:42 GMT) (6920 views)
Great news for MessengerDiscovery lovers: MessengerDiscovery 2 has been released to take your Windows Live Messenger 2009 experience to a next level. Almost all the "old features" are there intact (including the one to hide the advertisements), some has been take off because aren't possible anymore and some others because has to be developed in other different and complicated way and maybe will come back in next releases.

So here is what Matt (MessengerDiscovery creator) has said in MessengerDiscovery forums:

8 months of development and testing and MessengerDiscovery 2 is at long publically available!

MessengerDiscovery 2 has been completely re-written using Microsoft .Net technology and boasts some serious advantages over any previous version of MessengerDiscovery.

Plugin support is one of the most important upgrades so now any one (even you) can write a plugin for Windows Live Messenger, MessengerDiscovery 2 makes it very very easy!

MessengerDiscovery 2 is now translated into 20 different languages and can be translated into any other.

Besides this Matt has released a new website to celebrate the release of MessengerDiscovery 2. With the help of the amazing skinner Willz now you will enjoy a new whole graphic design of MessengerDiscovery together with the amazing improvement of the new implementation of .Net technology in this super Windows Live Messenger addon.

Take a chance to test it.

Download: Download MessengerDiscovery 2 (for Messenger 2009 only)
Report a bug: MessengerDiscovery Community Forums (need to be registered)

Note: You should notice a full compatibility with Messenger Plus!.

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