Facebook chat integration coming to MessengerDiscovery

Posted by absorbation on Fri 04 Sep 2009 (17:07 GMT) (22226 views)
Last month's update to MessengerDiscovery was by no means the end of a heavy development period. A couple of days ago, the program's developer, Matt posted within his forums that he was continuing with development:

It has been a couple months since a major update but I am happy to announce that MessengerDiscovery 2 is back into full-time development. Along with a new MessengerDiscovery version I will be announcing/releasing a few new products that I've been working on during my big break.

Within the last hour details of the update surfaced on the MessengerDiscovery Twitter feed, where three tweets giving light on a Facebook chat integration feature were posted. The tweets [1] [2] [3] read:

This looks very exciting, but we will have to wait and see how well the feature is implemented and what changes it brings to the Messenger experience.

View a screenshot of the new Facebook chat integration inside MessengerDiscovery

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Comment by Msntribe
Posted on Sun 06 Sep 2009 (15:54 GMT)
Look news screenshot in this news: http://www.msntribe.it/2009/09/05/messenger-discovery-md_2-1-50-windows-live-messenger-facebook-chat/

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