What do users want from Windows Live Messenger 10?

Posted by absorbation on Fri 25 Sep 2009 (18:17 GMT) (14046 views)
With Windows Live Wave 4 already appearing in several Microsoft products, it is only a matter of time until we hear news about Windows Live Messenger 10. I asked members of the Messenger Plus! community forums to provide their opinions and tell me what they wanted out of Messenger in Windows Live Wave 4. Below is a summary of their responses:

  • Integration with social networking websites i.e. Facebook
  • Bigger display pictures by default
  • Tabbed chatting (we've heard this one before)
  • A clean up of the program's UI design
  • Fix server issues where messages become undelivered
  • More customisable toast alerts
  • The ability to choose which side of the conversation display pictures appear on
  • The option to turn off cleartype font rendering

You can see our list of wanted features from many months ago. From what I've noticed the list is not concerned with big new features, but minor tweaks to enchant what appears to be a rich IM experience. However, I always felt Windows Live Messenger 2009 was about that anyway. Nevertheless Microsoft needs to bring something unique to the table in order to get out of the rather piecemeal updates we have seen since the beginning of Windows Live Messenger.

As ever please drop a comment with your ideas, you never know who is reading.

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Comment by LL
Posted on Mon 07 Dec 2009 (06:42 GMT)
I'd like to see an editing feature. I'm in an LDR, and used to use skype, and we moved over to MSN because I had downloaded it and liked all the features better [colour opt, do little doodles, make your own smilies, etc]. But I do quite miss the ability to edit.

Comment by anth
Posted on Wed 30 Sep 2009 (01:32 GMT)
dp's on contact list as it was in 7.5

Comment by JaycobC
Posted on Sat 26 Sep 2009 (13:05 GMT)
Support of RSS feeds in the What's New section of the main window.
Ability to use the whole range of colours, not just web-safe colours.
Fonts are displayed on both windows, even if only the sender has it.

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