Reminder: New Windows Live Messenger gets rid of display names

Posted by absorbation on Fri 01 Oct 2010 (23:22 GMT) (85329 views)
This is a post to alert anyone who may not have realized that the new Windows Live Messenger 2011 no longer allows users to a display a friendly name. Alternatively Microsoft now display your real name, which is linked to your Windows Live profile and instead allows customization through the personal message feature.

There is no walk around around the change if you use the latest version of Windows Live Messenger. It is also important to note your display name will automatically change to your real name when you sign in, making it visible to all your contacts. There is an element of privacy invasion, so be warned if you don't wish to reveal your real name of Windows Live Messenger - update your Windows Live profile before downloading the new version.

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Comment by PeiM
Posted on Sat 17 Sep 2011 (18:29 GMT)
What is worse, there is no way you can BLOCK and DELETE people from MSN. I get 5-10 messages from a (probably automated) email address I do not have on my list. All I can do is first add, then MAKE INVISIBLE and then DELETE. But I don't know what the risks are. According to MSNplus I am listed with that spammer. But on MSNplus I cannot block it either.
Any suggestions?

Comment by Bob
Posted on Mon 25 Oct 2010 (18:35 GMT)
@Faty: Your very welcome

@very upset: i have the same problem sometimes. but i always keep trying. somethings you may want to try when it doesnt work (it works for me). sign out, sign back in. restart the computer. BUT many times, this happens because another program is running that is using the webcam. so make sure any webcam related programs that the computer came with are closed and completely closed and arent running in the background. each computer is different. it may take a while before you realize whats causing the problem. sorry i cant be much more help.

Comment by very upset
Posted on Mon 25 Oct 2010 (17:01 GMT)
@Bob... Thank you for the kind advice. I did expunge Messenger 2011 from my machine and installed several versions of Messenger 2009 - the interface is almost identical except now my camera does not show during video conference or one way video (I can see the other person using Win XP). What is more disturbing is I went to my netbook (Win XP) to log in from there, only to find the same problem now happens there as well; is there something in my MSN login that is affecting how my video works?!?

Comment by Fatty
Posted on Sun 24 Oct 2010 (19:57 GMT)

Comment by s
Posted on Sun 24 Oct 2010 (18:03 GMT)
I like this Winodws live 2011...although not the abilty to change your name. On the old messanger plus you can download the name editor as a script to add cool characters into your name. Now when the new messanger plus 5 comes out which is compatable with windows live 2011, can you download the name editor and change your name off of that? hmm that would be nice and to keep the abiltys as scripts and skins would that stay in the messanger plus 5?

Comment by Bob
Posted on Sun 24 Oct 2010 (15:51 GMT)
@very upset: I dont no what that is the case. You may need to configure the webcam with the msn and set it up

@fatty: download from here. soo uninstall it one more time. This is the verison i am using and i think is the best one

P.S MSN PLUS will work with this as well.

I hope it works.

Comment by Fatty
Posted on Sun 24 Oct 2010 (15:45 GMT)
@Bob I have tried that many times But the new version automatically gets installed instead of the older version
If you know why please do try and help me!

Comment by very upset
Posted on Fri 22 Oct 2010 (22:22 GMT)
@ Bob - I switched back to the 2009 version but now the stupid camera still doesn't work.

Comment by Bob
Posted on Fri 22 Oct 2010 (22:01 GMT)
@Fatty: Uninstall the new one, find the old one on the internet somewhere and install it back.

@Very Upset: Thats exactly why I switched out. And as for the one way video call, its still works, they just intergrated all the webcam into one thing. You can send a webcam request even when you dont have one. The other person get to see you. And it works the other way around, if someone sends you an invite you can accept without letting them see you.

BUT overall, the new MSN does not satisfy me.

Comment by very upset
Posted on Fri 22 Oct 2010 (21:50 GMT)
This goes beyond invasion of privacy: many of us had legit reasons for our display names (family and friends, work etc) and we are left with a crappy interface that has fewer MSN features that many of us enjoyed and all this Facebook crap we can do without.

BTW what about the one way video feed option for those of us who are deployed or where we don;t have a cam? How the F are we supposed to see our loved ones now? THANK YOU MICROSOFT FOR SCREWING US OVER!

Comment by Fatty
Posted on Thu 21 Oct 2010 (18:36 GMT)
How did you switch back to the old version??

Comment by Bob
Posted on Wed 20 Oct 2010 (15:03 GMT)
Ive already switched back and not planning on going up until i see what MSN PLUS has to offer.

Comment by James
Posted on Wed 20 Oct 2010 (14:38 GMT)
Ya i agree with Bob if it does not allow to change the name i would go back to the old msn

Comment by leoni
Posted on Sun 10 Oct 2010 (20:10 GMT)

Comment by Bob
Posted on Thu 07 Oct 2010 (15:51 GMT)
Will MSN PLUS come out with something to allow name change? That would be a nice feature. If not, Im going back to the old msn!!

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