Messenger Plus! Live and Windows Live Messenger 2011

Posted by absorbation on Sat 02 Oct 2010 (00:02 GMT) (86063 views)
When will Messenger Plus! Live be updated for yesterday's release? Good question. The short answer is "we just don't know", but a little insight might provide some of you with some hope.

Patchou, the creator of Messenger Plus! Live would typically release a beta build when any Microsoft published Windows Live Messenger would hit the web. Well the public beta was back in June and there has been no sign of an update to Messenger Plus! Live, so what's the problem? For a start Patchou originally complained about developing with the pubic beta on his blog, however there has been some significant organizational changes around the application that need to be considered too.

Just to point out, Patchou has told me nothing here, I am merely speculating on the limited evidence available and what the community is saying. I imagine Patchou wishes to protect his interests and not release a build that is not ready for public consumption (the whole application is getting some very big new features) and it could be several months before they are ready for distribution.

There is a walk-around! - At least for previous betas

Phew! Users can activate the software manually, although not all features will work and doing so is entirely supported. The changelog for Messenger Plus! Live 4.85.386 states:

When the new Messenger beta is detected, Messenger Plus! adds its usual "Software not loaded" menu in the contact list. From this menu, the compatibility window can be displayed to display some information and, more importantly, to let more advanced users disable "safe mode".

When safe mode is disabled with the beta, Messenger Plus! activates some of its functionalities. Using Messenger Plus! in this mode may cause all sorts of errors to occur, no support will be given for beta versions of Messenger.

If you experience issues after disabling safe mode, use the Maintenance wizard (available from the uninstaller) to revert Messenger Plus! to its normal state.

The Repair Wizard of the uninstaller now resets the "safe mode" setting of Messenger Plus! even if user preferences are not erased.

Unfortunately I could not get this to work on the final release of Windows Live Messenger 2011. Hopefully this post will address some of you Googlers wondering what has happened to your favorite Messenger extension.

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Comment by Tom
Posted on Thu 23 Jun 2011 (02:10 GMT)
question back in the late 90's a friend an i could use yahoo messenger an hotmail an use webcams to chat with each other. She had windows 98 an i used windows vista. Is there a way it stell can be done?

Comment by Miss Ceres
Posted on Thu 28 Oct 2010 (23:02 GMT)

Comment by Darrian
Posted on Tue 26 Oct 2010 (21:30 GMT)
When i choose customize and see that (allow me to connect to several accounts simultaneously) is already checked off i apply'd changes and clicked OK and for in the end it not to work. Like SERIOUSLY if your going to make a program and have an option at LEAST make it work.

Sincerely: Darrian

Comment by blabla
Posted on Fri 22 Oct 2010 (18:13 GMT)
yes, same in here, it ain't working with windows live messenger 2011
hoping to rework again
thx Patchou for the efforts anyway

Comment by Temp
Posted on Fri 22 Oct 2010 (17:45 GMT)
"pubic beta"?

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