Benefits of Windows Live Messenger iPhone application [Guest opinion]
Posted by James Mowery on Fri 30 Jul 2010 (22:27 GMT) (35239 views)
The sleek design and simple interface of the Windows Live Messenger iPhone application attracts users of its desktop counterpart as well as new users looking for a more streamlined IM program. The application is free and can be downloaded from the App Store within seconds.

After the sign-in page, where the user can sign-in with their Windows Live ID or Hotmail account, the social tab will be displayed. This is where the user will be able to view updates and links from friends posting from social network sites such as Facebook or MySpace. These social networks can be set up in the userís online Windows Live profile.

The friends tab includes a searchable friends list and a quick way to add friends. The user has the option to add a message, but the only information needed is the friendís email address. To start chatting with a friend, the user simply taps the friendís name and the application will bring them to a new chat window. The chat tab will keep up with all of the userís chats. Each chat uses the iPhoneís QWERTY keyboard along with an easily accessible emoticon keyboard. IMs are viewable through push notifications even when Windows Live Messenger is closed.

Users are also able to swap pictures with their contacts. Pictures can be uploaded directly from the iPhone to Windows Live Messenger, where the user can create albums and add captions.

The user can access their Hotmail account directly from Windows Live Messenger. Notifications are displayed for new emails so the user can check and reply to emails without leaving the application.

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone is a multi-functioning, efficient IM client that allows users to carry their messenger in their pocket.

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Windows Live Messenger for iPhone: Hands-on
Posted by absorbation on Thu 22 Jul 2010 (20:04 GMT) (304197 views)
When Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone was announced I was somewhat under-whelmed - what could Microsoft do that third-party products had not already? Well it turns out not that much. But if you only use Windows Live Messenger as your only IM client then keep reading.

eBuddy and Meebo produce some of the finest examples of instant messaging applications for the iPhone. Feature rich, highly-polished design and an user-friendly interface are at the core of these products. Microsoft may be late to the game, but that doesnít stop it providing solid competition. The main difference? Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone is very specific in its features and is designed for users of the desktop client. So let's take a look at what the app has to offer.

Going social

The social pane, introduced in Windows Live Messenger 2011 also makes an appearance in Messenger for the iPhone, delivering updates about your friends from various social networking websites. The feature is nearly identical to its desktop counterpart and so if this has become an essential part of your IM experience, I would recommend this iPhone app above any other web messenger straightaway. However, if you're like me and don't find the content relevant, you may just skip this part of the application altogether.

Contact list

Your Messenger buddies are organized much the same way as Windows Live Messenger itself. A list of contacts, the way you like systematized will be right at your fingertips, along with an individual personal message, display picture and status. Adding a new contact is a simple operation. This highlights what is great about the app: Microsoft are not attempting to offer a watered down substitute - this truly is Windows Live Messenger in your pocket.

The contact list will feel familar


Chatting can be summed up in three words: straightforward, clean and modern. There is no cluster of buttons to search through - each message is color coded, the conversation layout varies on who is speaking, while switching between the QWERTY keyboard and emoticon panel is nothing short of design genius. This is a true example of where less is more.

Chatting has never been simpler with this well designed user interface

Push notifications are a significant plus, as is being able to manage your logins from multiple locations. A list of active conversations makes it easier to shift through friends with whom you are talking, while simultaneously displaying their current status.

Windows Live Messenger specific features

  • The social pane to show what your contacts are saying on other social networking services
  • Photo sharing to swap your favorite photos and images with your friends
  • Organizing your contacts how you wish - via their display name, your personal name, groups and the favorites section
  • The ability to nudge your buddies

To sum up ...

Windows Live Messenger for the iPhone is a masterpiece as far as its development team should be concerned. It is lightweight yet feature rich, which is exactly the point of having IM on the go! I honestly hope they never add another feature, as the app provides everything I need (and a little more) in Messenger. Microsoft has hit the right target demographic as I expect the average age of its mobile users is higher than those who use its desktop equivalent (I don't need skins or scripts here, thank you very much).

I rarely give Microsoft great credit for Windows Live Messenger, but for once I'm happy to provide some positive criticism. So if you are an iPhone owner and Windows Live Messenger is the only IM client you use then by all means download Messenger for the iPhone.

So, what's your opinion?

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Windows Live Messenger for iPhone released
Posted by absorbation on Thu 24 Jun 2010 (17:42 GMT) (31398 views)
Microsoft have released Windows Live Messenger for iPhone to the Apple App Store. After being unveiled in May we at MsgStuff have finally got our hands on Microsoft's new method of distributing Windows Live Messenger.

Windows Live Messenger for iPhone supports instant messaging (obviously), push notifications, sending and managing friend invitations, conversation management, offline messaging and social networking features. The app boasts an impressive array of features presented in a highly-polished, easy-to-use interface, all for free.

Expect our review and in-depth feature list later this week.

Download Windows Live Messenger for iPhone
Read the announcement over at the Windows Team Blog

Meebo app now available for iPhone
Posted by absorbation on Tue 02 Mar 2010 (01:03 GMT) (45378 views)
The world's largest web-messenger service, Meebo now provides a free iPhone application for its users. Those who own one of Apple's mobile phones can now use their web messenger conveniently while they are on the go.

Some of the features included within the app are:
  • Access to all your buddies (AIM, Gmail, Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Facebook, Myspace, etc)
  • Receive push notifications when you get a new IM, even when the app is closed
  • Flick between multiple conversation windows
  • Type in landscape and portrait mode
  • Manage your chat sessions as you switch back and forth between the Meebo iPhone app and
  • Synchronized chat history between your iPhone and

The Meebo for iPhone app now competes with the great success of eBuddy for the iPhone, which is currently one of the most popular apps within Apple's store.

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eBuddy for iPhone update adds several new features
Posted by absorbation on Tue 02 Feb 2010 (21:07 GMT) (21613 views)
Since the eBuddy app for the iPhone and iPod Touch was released back in July it has been a commercial success and is now one of the most popular apps to ever hit Apple's monopolistic mobile applications store. With over 4 million downloads the eBuddy team have been working hard to add new features in a timely fashion.

Pro users can now customise the app with themes

Pro users have the ability to customise their mobile eBuddy with themes, an important new feature within the update. As eBuddy supports push notifications it is desirable to constantly have the client running, even when you may be away. The new auto-away feature allows users to set their status to away after a specific time interval.

The new build also boasts several bug fixes and added customisation over the use of push notifications. All in all the eBuddy team have provided a solid update and users should update to receive the full benefit. If you're new to eBuddy for iPhone download the app from the store (for free) today.

Source: eBuddy blog - eBuddy for iPhone update

Download the official eBuddy App for the iPhone and iPod Touch
Posted by absorbation on Thu 09 Jul 2009 (18:48 GMT) (6684 views)
This week the eBuddy team have released eBuddy for iPhone and iPod Touch to the Apple App Store, in a move to make their web messenger a truly mobile, on-the-go experience. With iPhone contracts typically allowing unlimited Internet usage, the app aims to provide your IM client wherever and whenever you want. With push notifications you can always be connected even when using the device's other features.

The application is simple, easy to use and just works. It obvious has had a lot of care taken in its development phase to produce an app that competitors such as Meebo simply do not provide. Specifically designed for the iPhone's latest 3.0 software update (yet compatible with previous versions) eBuddy for your iPhone and iPod Touch offers these main features:
  • One buddy list for MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Google Talk, and Facebook
  • Stay online when you exit the app
  • Get push notifications for incoming messages when you exit the app
  • Reconnect automatically if connection is lost
  • Get offline messages after reconnecting
  • Get new message alerts & typing alerts in the chat screen
  • Easily switch between chats by swiping your screen
  • Shake your iPhone or iPod Touch to send a buzzer

The product is still in its early stages, but is one of the great few free apps available in the store. Future updates will allow more features and hopefully address issues such as only allowing to be signed in for 30-minute periods. On the whole however, anyone who wants to use IM at any time or in any place should definitely consider this wonderful program. eBuddy for the iPhone gives it the edge over popular competitor Meebo.

Download the eBuddy App for the iPhone/ iPod Touch
Source: Now in the App StoreÖ eBuddy for iPhone & iPod Touch (eBuddy blog)
Visit the eBuddy website for more details

Yahoo! Messenger app now available for iPhone
Posted by absorbation on Thu 09 Apr 2009 (19:02 GMT) (3667 views)
Mobile Messenger clients aren't a relatively new thing, people have been logging into them for years. That being said, many lack the most basic of features, and often only use simple interfaces. The iPhone, with its large screen and rich API has allowed a new generation of mobile apps: eBuddy, Meebo and now an official app form Yahoo! themselves. Below are a list of features:

  • Instant message: Send text messages back and forth with your friends, including emoticons and web links.
  • Photo sharing: Take a photo on your iPhone and send that, or grab one from your photo gallery to share.
  • Stealth settings: Sign in as invisible, or change your status to invisible once you're in the app.
  • Custom status message: Enter a custom status message for your friends to see. You can even include a web link with it.
  • Recent conversations archive: Under Messages, tap a contact and you'll see your most recent conversation. You can type in a message from there to start chatting again.
  • Special idle state: If you have to leave the app for whatever reason, like a call comes in or you click a link in an IM that takes you to Safari, the Yahoo! Messenger for iPhone app will keep you signed in but change your status to idle. That way you can continue to receive messages and provided you return to the app within ten minutes, pick up where you left off.
  • Additional settings: Tap the Settings icon to change the sort order of your contact list, or to show or hide offline contacts in your list.

View a video of the app in action
Source: Yahoo! Messenger blog
View a heap of screenshots of the app at LiveSino