Non-so-speedy-speedlinking: June catchup
Posted by absorbation on Wed 23 Jun 2010 (13:37 GMT) (25537 views)
I would like to start this post by apologizing for not writing a single piece of news for over a month. The exams period took its tole, but now the summer is here I can once again focus on regular news updates. There has been various stories arising over the past month, so consider this a catch-up post to give you a brief overview of what you may have missed.

Messenger integrates with Kinect: Microsoft's E3 press conference last week demoed a highly polished and interesting way to communicate to your Messenger contacts - without a keyboard, mouse or even a controller. Microsoft's focus of the show, Kinect (previously known as Project Natal) is its motion sensing camera that is designed to transform how webcam chat will work over Xbox Live. The development team claim this is part of a wider transformation of its webcam system over to high-definition. [Read more]

Sharing your search results: Microsoft have further integrated its new search engine, Bing into Windows Live Messenger. You can now let your contacts know your search results, via an instant message or via a status update. [Read more]

BBC iPlayer integrates with Messenger: Yet more integration news. The BBC's flagship Internet streaming service has expanded to allow chatting to your Messenger friends from within your web browser, allowing you to watch TV and chat online simultaneously. In order to use the feature, you must enable the new beta interface.

The MessengerSays blog closes: The official Messenger development blog has come to an end, in favor of a non-specific Windows, which posts on a more regular basis. The MessengerSays blog will be missed, after coming to life at a similar time as MsgStuff. It has always been a more personal side to Messenger development. [Read more]

Webcam feature receives update: Mynetx has discovered the leaked build of Windows Live Messenger 2011 has been dynamically improved in terms of user-friendliness and quality. [Read more]

Public beta due Thursday? Rumors have stated that a public beta was due in June this year, but this week has seen several sources suggesting a public beta of Windows Live Essentials Wave 4 is due tomorrow (Thurs 24th).

Messenger now has three specific contact list styles: Wave 4 has seen extensive social networking integration, with the social pane playing an important role in re-designing the contact list. Although the classic design can still be enabled, yesterday revealed the classic design can now hold two columns of contacts, while re-positing other features within the list: