QFE patch updates Windows Live Messenger to build 14.0.8089.726
Posted by absorbation on Fri 21 Aug 2009 (14:56 GMT) (168942 views)
With the release of Windows Live Movie Maker this week, the second QFE (Quick Fix Engineering) patch has been released for the Windows Live Wave 3 cycle, updating the entire range of Windows Live desktop applications, including Windows Live Messenger.

Microsoft have not confirmed what the update provides, but one can assume it is security or integration with Windows Live Movie Maker related. The release does not fix the large personal message bug we talked about earlier in the week. Jonathan-Kay has provided a msi file for each installer over at his blog.

This release does not appear to conflict with add-ons such as Messenger Plus! Live and Willz has confirmed skins are unaffected.

Download Windows Live Messenger

Phishing scams spread through Messenger
Posted by absorbation on Tue 14 Apr 2009 (22:16 GMT) (2929 views)
Phishing has become very clever over the past couple of years, and with more quick profit at stake for these scammers, there is no doubt this would soon become a serious concern for IM. Windows Live Messenger is not immune to phishing, but if you follow the advice of Johnathan Kay, you can find yourself with one less hassle:

Even if the site appears to look like a Live ID sign in page, look for the green address bar, lock icon and company name to verify it truly is. Additionally, depending in your Windows version, browser and Live ID site you're signing into, you might need to click the ‘Sign in using enhanced security’ link on the page to see these indicators.

Finally you'll arrive at the password changing page and can change your password. One minor feature that’s been added recently is an option to prompt you to change your password every 72 days. I'm not quite sure how this will work with regards to Messenger yet, but time will tell.

View Kay's outline of Messenger phishing and the steps to follow if you have been affected

Jonathan Kay's new Messenger build solutions roundup
Posted by absorbation on Wed 25 Feb 2009 (22:39 GMT) (2343 views)
Jonathan Kay's support for Windows Live products over at the Microsoft newsgroups has gained him his butterfly status as a guru when it comes to MSN/ Windows Live Messenger's various support problems. Since the latest build of Windows Live Messenger 2009 has been released, there has been some issues that users should be aware of. As ever Jonathan provides in-depth support from his blog.

Why is the latest Windows Live Messenger 2009 update forced? - A bit of analysis into why the build has been made into a mandatory update. The argument is that the update is unnecessarily large and long to install while looking like a cheap attempt to advertise other Windows Live products. With no elaboration to why these updates are forced from the Messenger team, they will always be criticized.

Signing in multiple times (MPOP) on a roaming profile with Windows Live Messenger 2009 - Provides a solution to way the signing into to multiple locations feature does not work as advertised. Kay has created a small application to address the bug.

Installing/uninstalling Windows Live 2009 (Wave 3) QFE applications - Kay has provided a detailed article into installing each Windows Live application manually, it an attempt to rescue users who are having issues with the Windows Live installer package.

Jonathan Kay warns users not to change their Windows Live ID
Posted by absorbation on Sun 08 Feb 2009 (20:35 GMT) (5846 views)
Jonathan Kay is a Messenger support guru, with an in-depth knowledge with everything Windows Live. This week he has warned, due to the updating of Wave 3 Windows Live services, not to change your ID:

There have been two long standing issues with the process. The first is that you can't change Hotmail.com, MSN.com or Live.com (including all the localized country versions there of) to another address as those domains are "reserved" (note that Microsoft has provided the ability from time to time to switch to one of these reserved domains however). The second is that you typically needed to remain offline for a good few hours for the modifications to all your contacts' contact lists to your new address. Before about a month ago, I was recommending to people to just make the change before shutting down for their day, and everything would be ready when they woke up.

Kay has described the process as "broken" and directs readers not to consider changing until all the issues have been addressed. However, this is not a commonly used feature and is hidden very well. The option is essentially integrated for advanced users, so this has prevented the issue from being widely reported. Kay has also provided a solution to the problem:

If this has happened to you, the easiest fix is to return to the Live ID site and switch your address back to the previous one. After signing back into Messenger using the old address, your contacts will all be online again as per normal. You can then try again hopefully when this problem finally gets fixed.

For anyone considering changing their Live ID, beware. The system is not working as stated and significant issues are still outstanding. Hopefully the issue will be fixed promptly.

Read the full post at Jonathan Kay's blog

ZapMessenger: The perfect fix for install issues with Messenger
Posted by absorbation on Wed 26 Nov 2008 (23:30 GMT) (78554 views)
MSN and Windows Live Messenger have always been programs that have created a lot of troubleshooting threads, most of them revolving around sign-in issues. Although many of these have now been fixed, there are a number of variables and conflicts that can still cause problems with Messenger. Sometimes a fresh install is what's needed to solve these problems. ZapMessenger ensures the uninstalling of Messenger is done in full. Developed by Messenger support Guru Jonathan Kay, ZapMessenger is simple and easy to use:

In some cases the installer can't be found in the Control Panel's Programs applet or has become damaged with a Catastrophic failure (0x8000ffff) error or the Windows Installer is prompting for a missing .msi file which you can’t find anymore.

With all this in mind, I developed ZapMessenger – the one step tool to completely remove Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger and Windows Messenger 5.x. The first thing ZapMessenger will do is attempt to cleanly uninstall Messenger normally and if that fails for any reason, it will forcibly remove Messenger from the Windows Installer engine allowing you to reinstall at your leisure without hindrance.

Download ZapMessenger
Source: Solving Messenger install, reinstall and uninstall issues with ZapMessenger