New eBuddy Mobile Messenger beta
Posted by the andyman on Thu 05 Jun 2008 (16:17 GMT) (12369 views)
eBuddy have just started a new limited beta test of the latest version of their Mobile Messenger application.

An update to the previous versions that we have featured (and tutorial-ised) in the past, the new beta - version 0.99 - has a cool new interface and some great new features, including:
  • Login using your eBuddy ID so you can sign into all your accounts (Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Google Talk and MySpace IM) at once
  • Take a picture using your phone and use it as your display picture
  • More ways to sort your contact list
  • Support for Blackberry phones

We'll be posting more screenshots soon and will keep you updated with information about when you can get your hands on the latest version.

MessengerDiscovery Live 1.4 out now
Posted by absorbation on Tue 29 Apr 2008 (22:42 GMT) (5167 views)
MessengerDiscovery Live is a very popular Messenger add-on with a fair few technical issues. However, the ideas made are some of the most interesting and unique changes you can make to Windows Live Messenger. The past week has been various updates the to the program, the latest being 1.4.7924. The main changes are:

  • Parental controls (eg. only allow certain accounts to sign into Messenger)
  • Allow conversation windows to stay open after you sign out
  • Temporary blocking
  • Automatically decline group conversations (something which should be in Messenger itself!)
  • New commands that shortcut various Messenger tasks
  • Vista style settings interface
  • No more ads in the installer and tray menu
All in all this is a pretty straightforward update, but a significant one nonetheless. More interesting for you guys through is a competition is being held to win one of three iPod classics (read the rules here).

View the complete changelog
Download Messenger Discovery Live

Messenger for Mac 7 released
Posted by the andyman on Tue 29 Apr 2008 (21:25 GMT) (5701 views)
Messenger for Mac 7, the official Windows Live Messenger client for Macs, has finally been released.

The main improvement is the much-awaited introduction of audio and video chats, although if you're a non-business user of Messenger for Mac you will probably be disappointed. The A/V features require your network to be running Office Communications Server, but chats can be made to people on other networks using OCS and even to Windows users running Office Communicator. Business users also get updates to make Messenger for Mac more like Office Communicator, for example more presence information.

Regular users of Messenger for Mac, who use their Windows Live IDs to sign in, will see no sign of these new features. Instead, the main thing they have to look forward to in the new version is being able to give contacts nicknames and to search through contacts in a way similar to the 'word-wheel' in Windows Live Messenger for PCs. Another new addition is integration of the Mac OS X Bonjour technology.

The audio and video features for non-corporate users seem no closer either:

"We provided a look at our roadmap late last year and we remain on track--delivering A/V support to our corporate users and continuing to work with the Windows Live team to make A/V support available for (consumers)," senior marketing manager Amanda Lefebvre said in a statement.

Download Messenger for Mac 7 (official source)
Find out more about Messenger for Mac

Release announcement at the Office for Mac team blog
Find out more about the new A/V features (and the lack of them)

Get help for the new version
Information about corporate use and deployment

Released: Messenger Plus! 4.60
Posted by RebelSean on Thu 20 Mar 2008 (04:03 GMT) (3196 views)
After the highly anticipated release of Messenger Plus! Live 4.50, Patchou has released an update labeled v4.60. This update mainly focuses on new features for developers and skinners, along with various bug fixes. A statement from Patchou:

A new version of Messenger Plus! is now available for download! Many things have been updated in version 4.60 but if you’re not a script or a skin developer, chances are you won’t see much difference compared with the last update. Still, among the improvements you’ll notice that WMA sound files can be selected for Custom Notifications, all the extra Plus! features now work fine in Mobile Device chat windows, and notification popups are now shown in a better way.

If you're a script developer, you’ll find many new functions of interest in this release, like UploadFileFTP, GetElementPos, ExtractFromZIP and support for synchronous callbacks with GetCallbackPtr. Skin developers will enjoy even more improvements, like DateRange restrictions to make your skin change depending on the current date, advanced new features for Color resources to create customized colorization values and gradient colors, the addition of Font elements to distribute and use special fonts in your skin, the possibility to create a separate About Box window, Environment tags for PlusSkin elements to create conditions based on things like the current version of Messenger, and more! Just check the Change Log and download the latest version of the documentations to see it more

View: Patchou's official announcement
View: Messenger Plus! Live 4.60 Changelog
Download: Messenger Plus! Live 4.60

StuffPlug 3.5 released to the world
Posted by .lou on Thu 10 Jan 2008 (00:29 GMT) (6992 views)
After several months of waiting, there is now a very good version of StuffPlug released to the public. The new version is finally fully compatible with Windows Live Messenger 8.5, so almost everyone can enjoy the new version.

You will notice with this version that the interface has now been drastically changed to match Windows Live Messenger more. There are also some experimental features which could be quite interesting. Read absorbation's post for screenshots and a feature list.

After about two months of hard work finishing up all the rough edges on the StuffPlug code I had back then, it's finally ready to be released!
First and foremost, it's now compatible with WLM 8.5!
Other changes from 3.0.387 include, but are definitely not limited to:

  • loads of bugfixes
  • Complete User-Interface overhaul
  • New feature: ProperColorize
  • New feature: GroupBlock
  • New feature: Security Speedup
  • Updated feature: FakeInvite
  • Updated feature: FriendlyName Editor (you can now enable and disable without restarting)
  • Non-finished features are now in a user-accessible "Experimental" menu
This isn't quite the long list you've probably expected for such a major release, but that's because most of the changes are actually internal or related to new features that are still far from finished.

Note: StuffPlug 3.5 is not compatible with Windows Live Messenger 9 (but StuffPlug 4 will be).

View the announcement at the StuffPlug forums
View some screenshots of the new version
Download StuffPlug 3.5

Messenger Plus! Live update (4.50.312)
Posted by chris on Mon 17 Dec 2007 (09:37 GMT) (4847 views)
Patchou has released a minor update to the newly released Messenger Plus! Live 4.50. This version fixes some small bugs found in the initial release of 4.50, which are:

  • Updated language files included.
  • You now get a clear message when importing a skin that's not compatible with the version of Messenger you're currently using. A message is also displayed if an incompatible skin is enabled in the Preferences panel.
  • The script editor is now LTR even with if Hebrew or Arabic is selected.
  • Fixed: some preferences are not re-loaded properly when different users sign-in without restarting Messenger.
  • Fixed: the Resource Extractor does not properly extracts the resources of Messenger Plus! when asked.
  • Some small last-minute issues have been taken care of.
  • Scripts: a new ImageId optional parameter has been added to Combo_AddItem(). This allows you to insert items with a picture in combobox controls.

Download: Messenger Plus! Live 4.50.312
View Patchou's Announcement
View Messenger Plus! Live Skins Database

Messenger Plus! Live 4.50.310 released!
Posted by anileator on Sun 09 Dec 2007 (07:11 GMT) (6145 views)
After 6 months of development Messenger Plus! Live 4.50 has been released to the public. The main update was the introduction of a Messenger skins manager, improvements to existing features and WLM 9 compatibility.

You can download the build from the offical website and add skins from the database. I suggest reading this article if you want to give skinning a go, which we be building useful links of skinning tutorials.

In the next few months you can expect a huge amount of skins to arrive. The learning curve is small and just about anyone can create a skin. Some will be fantastic, and some will just be plain awful. We will be hosting any that catch our eye in our skins database, giving you a selection of the best.

Download Messenger Plus! Live
View Patchou's announcement of the release

Windows Live Messenger 8.5 released a day early
Posted by absorbation on Tue 06 Nov 2007 (21:08 GMT) (34300 views)
As part of Windows Live Wave 2 there are a huge amount of Windows Live beta products being released this week. For the first time we have seen in years Microsoft actually set a release date, scheduled for the 7th of November for Windows Live Messenger. However, have managed to get their hands on the build a day early, marking the new version of Windows Live Messenger 2008 (build 8.5.1302.1018).

So what are the changes? Well, err, hum, ahhh, I don't know. Bug fixes seem to be part of the update and with no word on the development blog I'm confused if this release is actually different. I'm finding a lot of issues still present (does anyone find the sounds are way too loud?) and the design has not been perfected yet.

I'm going to be harsh here, but this is the worse release of Messenger I have had experience of. No new features, more bloat and a general lack of improvement all add up to a poor release. The installer also has issues (I didn't click agree or navigate anything). Who is the project manager?

Messenger Plus! Live works perfectly with the new build but I'm not sure current 8.5 skins will work (some may, some may not, I will confirm later).

View screenshots of the update
Download Windows Live Messenger 8.5.1302.1018
Download A-Patch for the new build

MSN Messenger 7.0.0820 released to the world
Posted by absorbation on Thu 13 Sep 2007 (19:50 GMT) (30624 views)
As I predicted a couple of days ago a new build has been released for MSN Messenger 7.0, fixing a known webcam exploit. The update has come in to protect Windows users using Windows 2000 or below. XP users will be forced to upgrade to Windows Live Messenger 8.1 or higher.

Since the release there have been numerous requests by XP users who still want to keep MSN Messenger. Some people are very reluctant to use Windows Live Messenger for a variety if reasons. So what can you do to keep using MSN Messenger? Well there is a choice ...

First of all you could trick the Messenger protocol into keep using MSN Messenger, although there are no know tools for this yet you will probably see one crop up soon. The most common fixes are either changing the Messenger build number using resource hacker or selecting the compatibly mode when running the program (see screenshot).

Messenger MVP Sunshine had this to say on the issue:

If you are on WinXP and you don't like Windows Live Messenger you can also get the renewed MSN Messenger 7 version:

MSN Messenger 7.0.0820 for Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Millenium and Windows XP

The workaround posted here will probably stop working soon too, eventually you will not be able to sign in with 7.5 anymore (as long as you are using it you are also putting your comp at risk)! Users on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Millenium will be forced to upgrade to 7.0.0820.

Detailed info: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS07-054, Vulnerability in MSN Messenger and Windows Live Messenger Could Allow Remote Code Execution (942099)

Users should be promoted of the security update, but forcing users to switch to what seems like a new program is suicide for Messenger. I think things like this is what is putting MSN/ Windows Live Messenger firmly in the past, the market of instant messaging has changed since the glory days of just chatting to friends.

Download MSN Messenger 7.0.0820

Messenger for Mac 6.0.3 released
Posted by the andyman on Wed 22 Aug 2007 (15:31 GMT) (6828 views)
Just a quick post to tell you that Messenger for Mac, the official Microsoft messaging client for Mac, was updated to version 6.0.3 yesterday.

It doesn't seem to be a major update, changes include:

improved performance during file transfers and improvements to Kerberos authentication. It also introduces support for the Danish, Finnish, and Norwegian languages.

Download Messenger for Mac 6.0.3
View a screenshot
Read ValSpy's review of version 6.0.2