M3 screenshots of Windows Live Messenger 2010 revealed
Posted by absorbation on Mon 26 Apr 2010 (23:30 GMT) (15684 views)
New screenshots have surfaced of Windows Live Essentials Milestone 3, which reveal UI changes to Windows Live Messenger. LiveSide have given details on the the latest build, believed to have been compiled a week ago:

It appears that the menu bar on the top of Messenger conversation windows has been converged with the menu bar in the conversation box. Here’s a quick screenshot:

We hope to update this post with more screenshots as they arrive.

Windows Live Messenger 2010 leaked: Details and screenshots inside
Posted by absorbation on Sun 21 Mar 2010 (20:40 GMT) (86513 views)
It has been a long time coming, but the first build of Windows Live Messenger 2010 has leaked, confirming many of the features we have seen in our coverage over the past eight months.

The build number, 15.2.2583.119 has been floating around the Internet since yesterday, after reports from LiveSide confirmed the leak had occurred earlier in the week. We at Messenger Stuff have installed the beta and had a close look at what Windows Live Messenger 2010 has to offer.

Below are some important notes concerning the leaked build:
  • The build is perhaps many months old. Believed to be milestone 2, website cnBeta has posted screenshots of milestone 3 from over a month ago. We can only assume much more has happened since.
  • Only certain Live IDs are able to sign into the beta as is the case with most internal releases. Wikikou has posted a protocol down-grader to allow users to sign into the leak, however conservations are highly unstable.
  • The leaked version is extremely buggy, despite its initial polished appearance.
  • There appears to be signs of Facebook Chat integration.
  • Tabbed chats are confirmed.
  • You can revert to the classic style contact list.

We at Messenger Stuff don't provide links to leaked beta builds, particularly ones that are unstable. Even with the workaround to sign in the leaked beta is too unpractical to use in its current state.

With the bugs aside, Windows Live Messenger 2010 looks almost ready for a public release, and I think we can expect a public beta soon.

View our gallery of screenshots of the leaked beta


New screenshots reveal further details on Windows Live Messenger 2010
Posted by absorbation on Mon 22 Feb 2010 (12:35 GMT) (25371 views)
Over the past few months news has started to surface on the details of the wave 4 release of Windows Live products and services and this has included a vast array of information on Messenger. View our tag page on WLM 2010 to get a full overview of new features revealed so far.

So what can we reveal today? Well new leaked screenshots uncover a further merging of Messenger with social networking. LiveSide have analysed the images in detail and discovered five key changes:

Classic "Contact List" view is still available – as we've told you earlier, the expanded "social" pane on the left is collapsible by simply clicking on the icon on the top-right corner. The screenshot on the right shows the collapsed view, with the advertisement in its original size.

Twitter and WordPress connection – one of the screenshots showed us that besides Facebook, you can also "connect" to Twitter and WordPress

Possible Video Messages integration – Windows Live Video Messages has been in beta since its introduction back in 2008, and while it is branded with the Wave 3 theme, it didn’t really have much integration with the rest of Windows Live. From one of the newly leaked screenshots, one of the social updates seems to show that Video Messages is now integrated right into Messenger:

Geo-tagging support in Windows Live Photos – One of the social update tiles also hinted at possible geo-tagging support in Windows Live Photos (and perhaps even Photo Gallery!):

New "Friends" view – which allows you to view all your contacts and sort them into categories based on their interests, details, Messenger status, and more:

Once again we've seen some interesting details on what we can expect to be using within the next couple of months. Windows Live Messenger 2010 has great focus on social networking integration, perhaps in an attempt to thwart the competition it faces from such websites.

Source: CNBeta

New screenshots emerge of Windows Live Messenger 2010
Posted by absorbation on Sun 03 Jan 2010 (19:48 GMT) (54136 views)
Back in December screenshots of the new Windows Live Messenger 2010 user interface were leaked by Neowin revealing some new features including social networking integration and tabbed chatting within conversation windows. Now LiveSide have revealed some new screenshots, shedding further light on what Messenger has to offer us in the upcoming year.

New features include what appears to be full compatibility with the new Windows 7 taskbar, some enchanted photo sharing options and the introduction of a banner advertisement within the conversation window (which may prove controversial).

Piecemeal obstructiveness of the Messenger ads may now have
reached a controversial tipping point

Winks and emoticons appear to have been merged

Browse the rest of the screenshots over at LiveSide

Windows Live Messenger 2010 leaked screenshots reveal new features
Posted by absorbation on Fri 11 Dec 2009 (16:47 GMT) (27847 views)
Earlier this week technology news website Neowin teased they had some information on the upcoming version of Windows Live Messenger 2010. Leaked screenshots have now revealed social networking integration as well as one of the most requested features, tabbed conversations:

Firstly the main Messenger window that contains your contacts has changed somewhat. Included on the left hand side is a "social stream" of updates provided by Windows Live. These are updates from your Messenger contacts and the data is provided by Windows Live. In current public Messenger builds some of this integration is present at the top of a conversation window. Windows Live Messenger aims to add to this by using the "social stream" as a showcase for your contacts updates. Providing your friends have including their Facebook, Twitter and Blog posts into Windows Live then you will see this in the stream.

The screenshots only shed a little light on what may be coming next Spring, but its the first news we've had on new Messenger features for a while.

It is interesting to note user reactions to the screenshots as most opinions have been on the negative side. Most seem to be concerned with the larger advertisements, the "social stream" being obstructive and significantly larger fonts. Nevertheless, this will probably change by the first beta.

View the contact list showing the new "social stream" feature
Source: Neowin - Windows Live Messenger 2010 revealed

StuffPlug 3.5 screenshots and features
Posted by absorbation on Mon 31 Dec 2007 (15:23 GMT) (20439 views)
I'm going to be honest here, the current release of StuffPlug is rather bland. It lacks what made the add-on for MSN Messenger so great; unique features, exceptionally well coded. It wasn't the fault of the developers, they were busy and everyone was inspired by their ideas. Stealing emoticons and display pictures used to be StuffPlug's big features until they were mimicked by various other add-ons. What could TheBlasphemer and the other developers do to fix this?

The answer ... StuffPlug 3.5! Beta testers today received one if the largest updates to program in recent months and its going to make using StuffPlug with Messenger a must again. StuffPlug 3.5 has a new design which matches Windows Live Messenger's Vista style and changes to your specific colour scheme. The add-on is integrated well, the features are vast and it also contains some small tweaks that make Messenger more bearable.

This release is due on January 7th 2008 (in English) and on 21st January for translated versions. This is just a small step to where StuffPlug will be soon as TheBlasphemer is working on StuffPlug 4 for Windows Live Messenger 9 which will contain some new features and perfect the experimental ones. StuffPlug 3.5 is an important update, but is essentially here so Windows Live Messenger 8.5 users can use StuffPlug while adding several must have new features including:

  • Editing of display name from the contact list
  • Blocking of an entire group
  • Adding new contacts through the wordwheel
  • Sending 'action texts' to contacts, which mimics Messenger's action prompts
  • Chatting to contacts whom you have blocked
  • Use of chat only names within conversations
  • Showing the current time of your contacts matching to their timezone
  • Sending of fake invites to contacts
  • Flashing of LED keyboard when computer is in full screen mode
  • Disabling the file transfer limit allowing you to send more than 3 files at one time
  • Boost character limit up to 5,000 in conversation messages
  • Allow unlimited emoticons to be used within a message
  • Window icons reflect your contacts status
  • Creation of customizable timestamps
  • Disable your 'user is typing a message' notification
  • Opening of links in default browser
  • Polygramy (multiple Messenger's running at once)
  • Adding of mail icon in system tray
  • Memory flusher: 'This feature periodically flushes messengers used memory and keeps its overall memory usage lower'
  • Security speedup: addressing the issue that was highlighted here

View some screenshots of the upcoming version
Visit the official StuffPlug website

New Messenger Plus! Live 4.50 screenshot
Posted by absorbation on Sun 28 Oct 2007 (00:14 GMT) (23071 views)
Although Patchou posted in his development blog that he would release a new build of Messenger Plus! Live (4.50) by the end of the month, beta testers have received no builds or news about the upcoming version.

It is clear Patchou is knee deep into development and I've just received an email from him revealing a new screenshot of Messenger Plus! Live 4.50.

The screenshot shows a new design, blending in with the new look of Windows Live Messenger 8.5 beta. Chat logging appears to be more advanced with the ability to search for words in multiple logs. The new version seems to provide a better experience for script developers with a clearer script editor and debug window.

I'm getting rather excited now, I wonder what else Patchou has to show us. He was brief in his email, keeping his cards close to his chest. I believe he will be revealing something big within the next week or so.

View the new screenshot of Messenger Plus! Live 4.50

Update: The BETA has begun, and there is a lot instore in v4.50. More information to be released soon! You're going to be stunned!

Even more StuffPlug 3 screenshots!
Posted by the andyman on 31 May 2006 (7451 views)
Well I suppose as I have the time I might as well finally get round to posting these screenshots of StuffPlug 3 Revision 109 from eXoenDo's blog, or maybe I should do it now because the new StuffPlug 3 website will be up within a week (or maybe even on Thursday or Friday) and TheBlasphemer will be making some announcements regarding StuffPlug 3 once the new design is up.

Before I get to the screenshots you may wish to know more info that eXoenDo revealed about the beta version he was testing. First of all, after StuffPlug 3 finishes installing you just have to restart Windows Live Messenger for the install to be complete and the features of StuffPlug 3 to appear. The plugin integrates with WLM by adding an icon to the end of the icons that feature on the dashboard at the top of the main Messenger window (eg 'make a call', 'change colour scheme') as Messenger Plus! Live does, and if you do have Plus! Live installed then it will place the icon after the Plus! one. There is also the option to add a StuffPlug button at the end of the activity buttons at the top of a conversation windows and a menu is added to the top of each windows after the usual ones (i.e. File, Contacts ...).

Also, as we previously announced, just some of the new features that were in the build eXoenDo tested included in place editing of your display name, a content stealer (including dynamic display pictures and winks), an ad hider and chat-only names.

Now to the screenshots:
Welcome screen
Contact list
Conversation window
Edit display name in place
Content stealer
Custom Messenger-style status messages
General options
Conversation options
Contact list options

Note: Please remember that the screenshots and information we have featured are from an early beta of StuffPlug 3 and shouldn't be construed as what you will see in the final version. There is currently no release date scheduled for StuffPlug 3.

eXoenDo's blog post (including all screenshots)
New StuffPlug 3 site design news

A blogger called Michael Sun has posted some screenshots of a new internal build of Windows Live Messenger labelled 8.0.0683.00_Branches on his blog. These screenshots show that the screenshots that were leaked at the beginning of this month/end of last month were real and that new features are coming to Windows Live Messenger.

The 'dashboard' space at the top of the contact list has changed again (from the leaked screenshots too) and now includes a new Windows Live Mail/Hotmail icon, a new Sharing Folders icon, a new (Windows Live?) Spaces icon, a new colourisation icon, and two completely new icons. The first is a picture of a calendar and is thought to either link to a new service (possibly Windows Live Calendar or the calendar feature in Windows Live Mail) or could link to the MSN Today page which has reappeared in this version, although it was thought that it was going to be replaced by Windows Live Today (possibly featuring a calendar) in future builds which has been confirmed to link to the new Windows Live Today page which has replaced MSN Today which was available in previous versions of MSN Messenger - the option as to whether this page pops-up when you sign in has appeared again too. The other new icon is a telephone which is beleived to open the Windows Live Call part of messenger. This is known to be in the new internal build and there are several new features to tie in with it too.

The new features/options are found in the options dialog and are Show me as 'In a Call' when I'm in a Windows Live Call (is the 'In a Call' a new status to replace 'On The Phone'?) and new sound options for the events of 'Outgoing Phone Ring' and Voice Call'.

Other new options include Show shadows and animation and the chance to choose a default Window Color. There is also an option whether to Show "contact says:" before every message.

The installer of this build is also new and features the option of enabling the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant which ties in with the new Windows Live ID (the replacement of the Microsoft Passport Network) and allows you to "see all your Windows Live ID accounts at sign-in with Internet Explorer". The other new setup feature is the option of integration with the Rhapsody music service from Real Networks (the makers of Real Player) as a result of the court settlement last year between them and Microsoft. Also the general program icon (as shown on the desktop etc) has also changed again.

Please be aware that this build is still internal and has not been leaked, although an April refresh build of Windows Live Messenger is expected soon! However, there is also news of expected features in later new versions - which include being able to encrypt your contact list when it is stored on your computer*, the appearance of Windows Live Today (as mentioned above), the interoperability with Yahoo! Messenger contacts, and the beginning of the use/development of Windows Live Messenger Add-Ins.

* Update: It has been confirmed that contact encryption is available in this build under the option Encrypt contact list data so that it is not accessible outside of Windows Live Messenger.

New program icon
Contact list
Conversation window
Windows Live Call
About dialog

Original blog post by Michael Sun

New design for Windows Live Messenger
Posted by absorbation on 31 Mar 2006 (3970 views)
You may of seen on, well every news site just 2 screenshots of the new, suspected wlm build coming up. Just 2 screenshots and people are loving it, I too have been captured by the clean glassy effects that look so much better when you look back at the orange design all those months ago.

However, I think I can safely say it is looking more and more like Windows Vista. Maybe Windows Vista Live Messenger? But I really can't complain because if those screenshots are real I will be sure using it ASAP and dancing that the live team have fixed their main problem. Well this could be the last of the concepts so take a look for yourself, however no betas are expected anymore so waiting is all we can do.

View the amazing new contact list