5 interesting facts you didn't know about Windows Live Messenger
Posted by absorbation on Thu 09 Jul 2009 (19:40 GMT) (5281 views)
Listed below is a round up of some interesting figures, facts and statistics I found out about Windows Live Messenger by following @WindowsLive on Twitter over the past couple of days. These were posted as part of the program's 10th anniversary. Expect a post tomorrow detailing all what's going on in July 2009 concerning MSN/ Windows Live Messenger's special birthday.

  1. On average, people come back to log-in to Windows Live Messenger 3 times a day, or nearly 1,100 times a year.
  2. The average Messenger chat session is 5 minutes long. What's the longest time you've ever chatted with one person for?
  3. Did you know? Windows Live Messenger has as many active monthly users as the combined population of USA & Canada.
  4. More than 8 billion instant messages are exchanged every day. If you stacked them up as paper, they'd reach to the moon and back.
  5. Did you know ... it's Windows Live Messenger's "aluminum" anniversary month? (Of course, we'd prefer diamonds.)

Breakdown of IM usage: WLM comes top in 13 countries
Posted by absorbation on Sun 17 Aug 2008 (09:36 GMT) (3881 views)
The way we connect to each other can be very interesting, or very boring and totally illrelevant. But however you look upon it, this post will provide some interesting statistics. Based on data from EQO's IM interconnect, we can see just how each major country/ continent uses instant messaging, and the percentage each client has of the market.

MSN/ Windows Live Messenger ranks top in the UK, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and Turkey. It is the 3rd most popular client in the US, after AIM and Yahoo! Messenger respectively. You can see a breakdown of all the results, plus a world map showing which IM client is the most popular in each country.

Despite the fact MSN/ Windows Live Messenger did not come top in every country on the list, it ranks well everywhere, showing a wide user base. In fact its lowest ranking was in the Russia and Saudi Arabia, with just over 10% of the market share.

Source: Global Instant Messaging Market Share - Open Data
View the PDF containing all the data

Some things we've missed: July catchup
Posted by absorbation on Mon 14 Jul 2008 (20:26 GMT) (2904 views)
New is slow, but it has been happening, while all this time I have been busy. So I think it's time for a catch-up post!

i'm Initiative concerns:
mess.be have discovered Microsoft have raised $1.5 million on the i'm Initiative campaign since its launch sixteen months ago. However, in ads on just one new campaign, the Talkathon Microsoft have spent $5 million! One could argue Microsoft aren't really raising money for charity, but are attempting to portray themselves in a favourable light to users, which in my book is a big no no.

TinyURL blocked:
The 3rd party company in charge of stopping viruses spreading though Messenger have come under fire again, when they blocked TinyURL links within messages. The system has been controversial since it blocked websites containing .info domains, or entire websites such as YouTube and eBuddy. The system is also ineffective as there are workarounds virus creators can implement and the poor coding means it slows down Messenger. This is probably not the last we will hear of the crazy blocking system either.

MessengerDiscovery Live update:
Version 1.5 brings webcam recordings, encrypted messages, pinable contacts and skinable alerts. Download the update from the official website. As always MessengerDiscovery is feature rich, containing many new and wonderful ideas. It is just a shame they are coded sloppy and this update continues that trend.

MSN Messenger UK stats: - Source

MSN Messenger has topped a group of 10 websites and applications which account for 30 per cent of the UK internet use.

Web users spend 2.6billion minutes a month on MSN, almost eight per cent of the UK's total of 33billion minutes.

EBay, Facebook, Google and iTunes are among the other "500 club" - sites who see users log at least 500million minutes online.

So there we are, a nice little wrap up of the news over the past week or so, but don't worry there is still more to come, some of which is more interesting than this dribble. But being honest, with no development updates, news has been and will remain slow until when Windows Live Messenger 9 is near ready.

Messenger Plus! Live celebrates 50 million users
Posted by absorbation on Thu 10 Jul 2008 (22:37 GMT) (2888 views)
Just a quick post here, Patchou has announced Messenger Plus! Live has reached a new milestone after 7 years of development: 50 million users!

We've done it! 50 million people now use Messenger Plus! on a daily basis. 50 million! that’s just plain incredible. On some popular sites, Messenger Plus! is downloaded even more than software such as Acrobat Reader and Firefox. To celebrate in beauty, we've temporarily changed the logo on the site as well as the home page. We’re also putting the finishing touches on the skinning contest that will start in August.

Patchou also hinted at an upcoming version of Messenger Plus! Live 4.70.

View the announcement at the Messenger Plus! Forums

Live Spaces loses 15 percent of its visitors in the past year
Posted by absorbation on Sat 15 Mar 2008 (14:15 GMT) (3118 views)
Thanks to LiveSide for this find, I believe they sum up the situation very well:

According to some new numbers included in an email from Nielsen Online today, Windows Live Spaces, never a big player in the US market for social networking tools, lost significant ground over the past year.

Nielsen Online provides February's top U.S. social networking sites and blogs for your reference. They are ranked by unique audience and rounded to the nearest thousand, so MySpace.com had 55.4 million unique visitors in February 2008, growing 4 percent over February 2007. Please note that these are custom lists compiled by the Nielsen Online PR team with the help of our media analysts. While these lists are not meant to be exhaustive, they provide a good idea of the significant players in each space.

In my opinion Spaces was only popular because of its integration within Messenger. To put things bluntly, all its features have been mimicked by others services who have made them better and provided a key relationship between social networking with friends. For me, Windows Live Spaces is just not practical.

Messenger second most popular service in UK
Posted by absorbation on Fri 22 Feb 2008 (20:24 GMT) (2234 views)
MSN/ Windows Live Messenger is the second most popular service in the UK, just falling behind search giant Google according to new statistics. With 14.7 million visitors a mouth (just under a 1/4 of the total population) the service appears to be extremely popular.

The report also claims users spend 2.8 billion minutes a month on Messenger, way above any other competition. It is important to note the reliability of the statistics and where the original data was sourced. This may make them not be 100% accurate, however on the whole they seem valid.

Source: LiveSide

Research suggests 20 percent of IM's are never sent
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You may be thinking that the title to this post may be a little odd, but interesting nonetheless. The statistic is not due to errors within IM servers or your Internet connection turning off and on, this is something much more logical.

Have you ever started typing a message, before thinking 'I best not send that', or 'How am I going to phase this'? Have you forgot you were typing a message and became distracted? Michael Beißwenger's research suggests these are reasons for his statistic and the cause of why 1/5 of our messages are never sent.

The interesting thing is that this research has shown the same things happens when we are face to face with individuals, suggesting we forget what we are going to say next. I know for a fact I do this all the time, and I'm sure you do too:

During normal conversation we pre-formulate sentences that are later revised or scrapped for the same reasons all the time. It's just the way humans work. If you could estimate how often that happens, I wonder if the result be similar to the 20% figure for IM?

What do you think of this? I know I do not send messages I have typed on occasion, but this is not a habit of mine. I find my previous message a cue for what I want to say next.

Source: News Scientist technology blog

Stat Center - GUI per-contact statistics system
Posted by absorbation on Fri 22 Dec 2006 (14:47 GMT) (3635 views)
Don't worry if the title confuses you. It is simply what a new Messenger Plus! Live script does, which logs certain details about you and your contact's activities on Messenger, then presents them to you. The script is a great idea, and it has been managed extremely well, in fact I just felt I had to post about it.

You may or may not know, but Messenger Plus! Live has held a scripting competition over the past few weeks, and people have been making new and fresh scripts in a bid to win a t-shirt or even $500. I've been meaning to post about some of these scripts, and now that all entries have been submitted, expect me to discuss some that stood out for me.

What I love about this script is the fact how well a wonderful idea has came together. It logs how many times you and your contacts have signed into Messenger, how long you have spent on Messenger altogether and even logs personal message and display name changes. The script has so much, and it's rather cool looking back at the statistics when they eventually build up.

I don't want to nag on, I suggest viewing the screenshots, they speak for themselves. Try out this script today, I believe it's one of the best out there.

View some screenshots of Stat Center
View the official thread
Download Stat Center
Messenger Plus! Live website

Which IM has the highest customer satisfaction?
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J.D. Power and Associates surveyed 10,787 residential customers from the USA to find out which messenger client was top in terms of satisfaction. They were measured in a 1,000 point scale and are shown below:

791 - Yahoo! Messenger
782 - MSN & Windows Live Messenger
766 - Windows Messenger
766 - Instant Messaging Average
746 - Google Talk
744 - Trillian
743 - AIM/AOL Instant Messenger

Of course this could be a bit biased, the company never did say the age groups they surveyed, or what they used their client for. MSN Messenger would be something expected to be used by teenagers and Windows Messenger used in business. The survey did not cover that many clients and was only based in the U.S.

However MSN and Windows Live Messenger are second on the list, despite the problems we all know about performance. Maybe new and exciting features are what is powering customer satisfaction nowadays.

Source: BigBlueBall
View the survey at J.D. Power and Associates

Results from a recent comScore Networks survey of instant messenger use in various parts of the world show that there are now more European instant messaging users than in North America. The study also shows that MSN Messenger is the most used instant messenger worldwide.

Acording to the analysis of the survey, the average number of the popualation using instant messaging programs in Europe is 49%, equivalent to 82 millions people, whereas in North America 37% of people are using instant messaging programs, about 69 million people. The survey also showed that the Latin America region is where the biggest use of instant messaging is happening with 64% of the population there using instant messaging programs.

As to the use of MSN Messenger worldwide, the survey showed that 61% of all instant message using users worldwide were using it, with it being used by 90% of users in Latin America and by over 70% of users both in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. However in North America the use of different instant messaging programs was more varied with MSN, AIM and Yahoo! Messengers each taking between 27% and 37% of users there.

However Microsoft shouldn't be thinking they are the winners of this race yet - the survey also showed that other instant messaging programs are becoming more and more popular, with Skype now being used by 14% of instant messaging users worldwide.

View the results of the survey at comScore