Windows Live Web Messenger ... coming soon?
Posted by the andyman on Sun 17 Jun 2007 (20:26 GMT) (10468 views)
Ever since Windows Live was announced in November 2005 a new version of Microsoft's official web messenger for MSN/Windows Live Messenger has been expected.

The first release of Windows Live Messenger came around in June 2006 but Windows Live Web Messenger was nowhere to be seen. Now, nearly a year later, there has still been no sign of it and people continue to struggle with the outdated, slow and featureless MSN Web Messenger.

Rival instant messaging networks such as Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk have released their own fresh web messengers fairly recently and even third-parties such as eBuddy have taken advantage of the lack of progress from Microsoft and released very good web messengers that support Windows Live Messenger.

It is known that Windows Live Web Messenger is in development, but how much longer will it be?

Well, earlier this year LiveSide said that Microsoft's "next generation web messenger" will be around "this summer" (whether it will be in the form of a private or public beta or even the final release has yet to be discovered), and earlier this week Microsoft commented that "Changes are coming in a future release" in response to a suggestion to improve MSN Web Messenger on the private Windows Live beta Connect site.

So will Windows Live Web Messenger finally make an appearance this summer? It seems increasingly likely but all we can do is wait and see.

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Yahoo! Web Messenger
Posted by absorbation on Thu 03 May 2007 (19:37 GMT) (7640 views)
Web messenger's sure have been popular this week, but today I found out about a hot new web messenger currently in beta phase from Yahoo!. It is jammed packed with features, has a simple, easy to follow design, and because it is an official version, it has that insider knowledge that takes away the large bulk of limitations.

I won't go into detail of the features, Yahoo! have made a video summing up the service. What I will say is this is making Microsoft look really bad, their current web messenger is ugly, lacking in features, ridiculously slow and annoying to use. It is way past an update, and hopefully this will push them up a gear.

Remember Google Talk is now a web messenger as well. Microsoft used to be the big guy in this field. It just goes to show a couple years of neglect can change everything in this fast, advancing industry of instant messaging.

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Test the new eBuddy beta currently in development
Posted by absorbation on Tue 01 May 2007 (16:23 GMT) (40279 views)
eBuddy is a highly popular web messenger formally known as e-messenger. It offers a large variety of features and it is known for being simple and easy to use, working with a variety of IM networks. Fanatic Live recently posted about the new eBuddy beta coming up and how you can test it.

The first group of testers for the 'Early Bird' beta will be strictly limited, so if you are interested, get in now!

The popular Web Messenger has been rewritten from the group up to improve ease of use and performance (the current version often gives me browser lag).

Yesterday I signed up, it was really quick and simple, and now I have been accepted into the first testing stage. I can tell eBuddy has been totally changed; the structure of the web messenger is looking at a wider picture than just adding simple new features.

However using separate windows is highly annoying, I wish they would offer an alternative, which I could manipulate in my browser. That being said, eBuddy looks as if it has a strong future ahead, which is why I respect it as a great web messenger.

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Messenger meets your browser
Posted by absorbation on Sat 28 Apr 2007 (17:21 GMT) (10350 views)
I recently read an article explaining how to use Google Talk in Firefox within your web browser whilst surfing the net. The reason Google Talk is used because it has a web friendly AJAX edition that is simple and ready for action. I know Google Talk may not be good for you, especially if you use Windows Live Messenger like me.

However I've adapted this simple idea by using the vast amount of web messengers available to come up with an alternative for pretty much all IM clients. The answer is Meebo, the ridiculously popular web messenger, an instant success.

I use Meebo because it uses AJAX in one window rather than creating many using JavaScript windows. It also has a very simple design, which won't confuse you if you give it a small amount of space. It's not perfect, and can be frustrating at times, but I'm using it right now, and I much prefer Messenger and surfing the net all in one.

Here is how you do it (Firefox guide):
  1. First visit Meebo's homepage and bookmark it.
  2. Go into Bookmarks > Organise Bookmarks, find Meebo, right click and select properties.
  3. Simply tick the checkbox 'Load this bookmark in the sidebar'.
  4. Login to the service and start using Messenger.

Here is how you do it (Opera guide):
  1. Navigate to Meebo's homepage.
  2. Go to Bookmarks > Bookmark Page.
  3. Expand the dialogue box by clicking on the button that says 'Details >>'.
  4. Tick 'Show in panel' at the bottom of the box and hit 'OK'.
  5. Open the sidebar, if you haven't already, by hitting F4. Click on the freshly added Meebo button and you should be on your way.

Moving windows around can be a little frustrating at first, and it does lack many of the fun features within Messenger, but you may really like it. I believe surfing the net and using Messenger at the same time is so much better than constantly clicking buttons on the taskbar.

View it in action for Windows Live Messenger
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Google Talk becomes a web messenger
Posted by absorbation on Fri 06 Apr 2007 (14:15 GMT) (11656 views)
Well, kind of. The hit new IM program by Google has stepped up a gear. Many IM clients have a web based version, but Google have made this more obvious, with it looking like the main application on their Google Talk page, with a rather small link to the program itself.

The web messenger is very good. Fast, simple, does the job. It makes other web messenger's look like a joke e.g. MSN's web messenger (ouch, that is painfully hard to use). This step just makes using Google Talk easier, and with more people gaining a Google account, things only look brighter for Google. I think it's time Windows Live Messenger launched a new web messenger, learning from the simplicity and user friendliness Google often offers.

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Meebo gains one million members
Posted by absorbation on Fri 19 Jan 2007 (18:12 GMT) (3111 views)
The web messenger client known as Meebo has surpassed its millionth member this week just after announcing they have raised $9 Million for the project.

Meebo is the web messenger client of the future. It supports a variety of networks, is jam packed with features and has that professional touch. It uses new programming techniques, heavily armed with AJAX to make using it simple, fast and easy.

Meebo only launched in September 2005, entering a large market. Yet it has made millions from such a simple idea. Why? Because it is different to other web messengers, it's professional touch means more people want to use it. In fact it's only downfall is your school may have blocked access to it.

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eMessenger now eBuddy
Posted by the andyman on 26 Jun 2006 (5574 views)
The popular web based messenger client eMessenger has changed its name to eBuddy. Still offering web-based access to MSN/WLM, Yahoo! and AIM messengers via the web the site, which recently launched a new design, appears to be the same as before apart from the change of name.

It is believed that the company, based in The Netherlands, has recently received funding from an as yet undisclosed, but top tier, VC firm which has allowed it to relaunch under its new name. The original eMessenger, which had been around since 2003, added AJAX functionality in February.

Future plans for eBuddy are currently unknown but now it has funding it will surely try to expand and get better. To start with it has already hired TheBlasphemer, and he seems to be quite busy with them!